March 20, 2010


..with a few stops along the way!

Last October, we journeyed to Oklahoma to visit my dad and stepmom and some friends in OKC. Along the way, we stopped at a few cemetaries with ancestors of the Pride and Acuff clans.  It was interesting to see how much of our histories are close (at least geographically) and a lot of fun finding "hidden" cemetaries in western Illinois!  Zeb got some good info and the kids got a chance to play in leaf piles and see the graves of family they'll never know by more than just stories...


 Once in the Tulsa area, we spent 3 fantastic days with my dad (aka Papa) and stepmom (aka Grandma Ginny). We went to the Jenks Aquarium, got great barbecue, played with trains and went exploring through the Tahlequah/Cherokee region of Oklahoma. Wow! It's been a long time since I've been in that neck of the woods, but what fun memories came flooding back of canoeing down the Illinois River with friends and camping with my mom!

Zeb loved that the signs were all in English and Cherokee! Had to get a picture, of course!

Your eyes don't deceive you...Indeed Zeb, Oklahoma exists!

Papa gave Isaac the "red and silver" train and they had to build it, of course.  Isaac, Papa, Zeb, and even Grandma Ginny had fun playing with this one!  It will be even more fun when he gets old enough to not need the wheels "fixed" every few minutes!

She had just mastered getting to a sitting position from laying down!

 Papa has 2 dogs, this one is Sophie. She is awesome with the kids! 

Who can resist that face!!

The Jenks Aquarium has an awesome "turtle pond". They give you chunks of fish and a flexible pole with a clothespin on the end. You clip a piece of fish onto the clothespin and dangle it over the turtles. They go crazy trying to get to the food. I'd never seen turtle feeding like this, but it was awesome!

This ray was literally leaping out of the water to be petted! Isaac laughed hilariously with these guys for a long time!

The sharks are swimming overhead!

Grandma Ginny!


 We took the roundabout way to the City and stopped in Stillwater to visit Tanya and Tracy...I finally got to meet two of Tanya's beautiful kiddos...Can you guess which two have the same name in this pic??

We went to the zoo with some old friends..This is Joseph and Isaac in front of a HUGE jaguar head...I love the new boardwalk at the zoo!

...and of course, we spent a few days with the McGees...A trip to Oklahoma is never complete without spending precious time with the family! We had so much fun that this picture and the next one are the only ones we took while we were there! And these were on our way out the door to come back North!


Just the girls!


March 13, 2010

Last Apples of the year!

My friend Emily, who has lived in Michigan longer than me, has enjoyed the fruits (read donuts) of our local orchards for years, but had never actually picked her own apples.  Well, we were headed out on our last picking adventure and simply had to take her with us!



Fall Park Adventures

I'd type more here, but I am typing one handed...The Princess has my other side occupied!

Our budding botanist...We stopped every 15 feet or less to check out interesting dead and dieing plants!



Cooking with the Crazies!

Yes, we're crazy..Not only did we decide to tackle making an ungodly amount of homemade gnocchi to freeze for later eating, but we let Isaac in on the action!!

He actually did really well and had a lot of fun...We're still eating the fruits of this labor!


Well, we're back to blogging...

My apologies for not blogging sooner, but I have a workable plan..I will be updating the blog, complete with photos, every week. I will be staring where I left off in October and update at least one month's worth of fun each week!

October 15, 2009

Good Times..Great Friends...

Last Saturday, I wasn't working at the Farmer's Market, so we decided to enjoy a morning of soccer with the Crysler family!  Here are some of the highlights!

Auden playing goalie!

Auden's adoring fans!

Nice Save!

Isaac has prime seats!

Eme and her beautiful Mommy!! We love Miss Heather!

See?? I told you we love Miss Heather!



Field Trip

Isaac went on his first field trip with the pre-school last Friday.  He convinced me to let him ride the bus with his friends, which he greatly enjoyed! I'm just glad he understands that it's a treat and not going to be a regular thing....



Looking at the cider press!


These are friends from his class last year. They are in the afternoon class now, since they are moving to Kindy next fall! Isaac really misses them..We're so glad they got to come!